About Me


Welcome to my site! My name is Kenzie. I am 19 years young and as you probably have guessed I am pregnant. This has been a challenge from the start but my amazing boyfriend and I plan to raise this baby. We are moved out and live in the greater Seattle area. This was unplanned however we plan to do the absolute best we can with of course the support of our families. I decided to start a blog for not only me but you too. My goal is to help any other mothers or mothers to be. I cant wait to look back on these memories in the future. Follow along to enjoy my experience!

A bit about my blog: I will begin doing giveaways as soon as possible. I plan to be brutally honest with you about my experience. I will provide helpful tips and tricks I found during this. Let me fail for you, I will explain times I have messed up in hopes to keep you from making the same mistake. I will be reviewing some awesome and some not so awesome products. And just to have fun and look back on this in the future.

I love getting in touch with people! Feel free to Contact Me.