Am I pregnant and whats next


Just to state the obvious, I cannot know if you are pregnant however I can provide some helpful advise for you based off of my experience.

Take a test: It is best to take an at home pregnancy test on the day of your expected period. If your periods are scattered I would wait at 3-4 weeks after your last period. Even if the test has the slightest, and I mean slightest second line then you my friend are indeed pregnant. Something to keep in mind there are lots of false negatives but hardly any false positives. It is also possible for your pregnancy to not show up on an at home test if you ovulate late. I also highly recommend red dye as they are easiest to read.

Symptoms: Many woman do not feel any symptoms until later on in the pregnancy which can leave you worried but don’t get too worked up about it because the symptoms will come soon enough. My very first symptoms were cramping, tender breast and nipples, stuffed nose and acne. Sadly I have reached 13 weeks and still have those symptoms and many more. Another word of advise early pregnancy signs tend to be similar to your signs your beloved period so try your hardest not to think about the symptoms until you know you are pregnant.

Due Date: If you are pregnant check out this easy to use due date predictor it was correct for mine but that doesn’t mean it’ll be correct for you because we are all different. Its guessing when you ovulate so it could be later or even earlier in your pregnancy then what was thought. It’s still fun anyways ——>Due Date Predictor

Now what do you do if you are pregnant? Take a deep breath.. or 20 if needed! You are officially creating life kind of cool kind of creepy. My pregnancy was not planned but we are too excited to handle. Since you’ve gotten a positive test you may be wondering what or where to go now. My first step was going to the doctors to confirm my pregnancy, can you imagine my surprise when it came back negative? Little sleep and lots of research later I discovered this isn’t too common, this is because the at home tests can be more sensitive than the doctor ones. Fast forward a week I came back and received confirmation I am pregnant (not like I was testing daily or anything). My next step was calling my doctor. I asked for this to remain confidential as I haven’t told my parents yet. They helped me get set up on prenatals and scheduled my first appointment at 10 and a half weeks.

First appointment: At my first appointment I got an ultrasound and blood testing for AIDs or HIV. They also make sure your everything is in place and you are healthy as can be.. I decided to go with a midwife instead of a OBGYN simply because I could see my midwife much more often, and personally I just loved the idea of a midwife. I also have not decided if I am going to get a Doula (Birthing coach). I also got to hear my baby’s heart beat which was 171 bpm. And lastly they will schedule your next appointment.

What should you do? Research and reading. Find the foods and medications you are not supposed to have and cut them out. Most people will rate the safety of different meds and such using letters. F being the worst and A being the best, however sometimes they cannot conclude safety simply because they cannot get enough research on it. Again if you are worried check google! Use only Tylenol if you are in pain. Drink lots of fluids it is very important for baby. If you aren’t sick yet eat as much as you can because the nausea is too real. Do not worry if you recently had a drink or smoked it will not effect the baby but you need to stop asap, if it becomes an issue talk with your doctor.

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience and for some a not so fun experience. I personally haven’t been to fond of my pregnancy. I became very sick (morning sickness) around 5 and a half weeks. I could not keep anything down and was dehydrated so I had to be hospitalized 2 different times so far. Also HUGE myth that its only in the morning, mine starts when I wake up and until I fall asleep. I have woken up to puke as well. I also am at 13 weeks and feel worse if anything. I had to take anti-nausea medication because they were scared the baby wasn’t getting enough fluids or nutrition. They do help me throughout the day but not mornings or nights.

Recommended Links and Products:

Miscarriage Chart  This will tell your exact percentage based off of your age, previous pregnancies, and more to make it as accurate as possible. This really helped me feel at ease as the days went on.

What to expect when you’re expecting Great up to date tips and advise. From the first positive until labor this book will help educate and guide you through your pregnancy. Not only that is also has sections for men too.

Pregnancy Journal  Love love love this journal. Lots to read about you baby weekly. Lots of writing place. Has slots for pictures and ultrasounds. And is adorable in my opinion. This is also something you can pass down to your child once they are pregnant or expecting.

Apps I recommend (free): What to expect, Ovia Pregnancy, Glow Nature, and pregnancy+. Very helpful with keeping track of your baby. Visuals as your baby is developing too.

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10 thoughts on “Am I pregnant and whats next

  1. This is a great post good info! I had 4 pregnancies and tubes are tied now and enjoying just being a Mama to my wild child’s all boys. But great tips and pregnancy not fun one bit for this Mama.

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